NHRL Giving

Havoc and NHRL are committed to inspiring innovation and creativity through competitive robotics. We're working to remove barriers to entry so we can create more opportunities that ensure anyone interested in STEM, robotics and engineering has a chance to participate.

We are committing $2,000,000 to charitable giving this year across the two distinct initiatives outlined below. We are proud to support non-profit schools and organizations at the local and national level that share our commitment to providing resources and STEM education to students of all ages and backgrounds.

Our philanthropy programs are guided by a team of experienced advisors that review applications and determine recipient eligibility of grants and donation requests.



We're thrilled to announce that we're giving away $1,000,000 to STEM charities selected by members of our community at our World Championships tournament on December 17.

Every 2022 Championships competitor will be able to donate at least $5,000 to the STEM charity of their choice.

  1. The winner of each weight class (3lb, 12lb and 30lb) will award the STEM charity of their choice with a donation of $250,000, totaling $750,000 in donations on their behalf.
  2. All other competitors will award the STEM charity of their choice with $5,000, totaling $250,000 in donations on their behalf.

Charities must be pre-approved by NHRL. Additional details will be shared with qualifying competitors after the November 12 competition.


NHRL is excited to award a total of $1,000,000 in 2023 to 100 collegiate-level robotics teams.

Up to 100 robotics teams, clubs and programs that are affiliated with a US-based nonprofit university, college or technical school will receive a grant of $10,000 or more to help inspire innovation and provide robotics teams with the resources they need to reach their full potential. Applications are open between November 12 through January 31, 2023.

Robotics teams affiliated with non-profit public or private two- or four-year colleges and universities in the U.S. are eligible; a full list of eligibility criteria is available within the application. Winners will be selected and contacted in January 2023.