What is Robot Combat?

Robot Combat is an emerging, tech-driven sport in which builders control robots equipped with innovative weapons and ingenious defenses. Builders arm their bots with everything from flamethrowers to spinning saw blades, guaranteeing a spectacle and an entertaining experience for the whole family. 

Bots go head-to-head in an enclosed cage with the goal of knocking each other out of commission. Robots are given three minutes in each round, during which either one of the robots "taps out", is knocked out or the clock runs out, and goes to a judges' decision. Builders repair their robots between each match until they’re eliminated, or crowned the champion.

Robot Combat events are held around the world and versions of the sport have been featured on popular TV shows like Battlebots and Robot Wars.

What is NHRL?

NHRL (Norwalk Havoc Robot League) is the largest and most accessible robot combat league in the world, home of the 3lb, 12lb and 30lb world championships. We host a series of tournaments throughout each year at the House of Havoc, our HQ in Norwalk, CT, culminating in the World Championships. Builders combine groundbreaking technology and off-the-wall ideas to amaze audiences, compete for thousands of dollars in cash prizes, and attempt to claim the coveted Golden Dumpster. Each tournament boasts more than 100 robots and hundreds of builders and fans from all over the world. 

We have a high-end video production facility with a professional production team that run our control room, streaming content live to our YouTube channel, and shared across social platforms like TikTok and Instagram.


Havoc Robotics is a media company building a new category of competitive sports, beginning with the world's largest and most competitive robot combat league, NHRL. Havoc owns and operates NHRL, and creates and distributes high-quality digital content to our fast-growing audience. We are an early-stage, privately-funded organization with experienced and successful media and tech executives at the helm.

Our Values

  1. Support builders, makers and creators.
  2. Make robotics accessible to all.
  3. Provide a safe environment to challenge the limits of creativity and innovation.
  4. Maintain a fair and level playing field that allows all competitors a chance to win.
  5. Create a culture unafraid of making mistakes, and provide resources to help learn from them.